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A. Keith Young

A. Keith Young


A. Keith Young is an education coach, trainer, and writer. After a short stint at seminary, he pivoted to teaching secondary students English and math. Eventually, Keith shifted to training teachers and leading school improvement efforts at the district level. Later, he became a principal, leading school turnaround work and regularly increasing student outcomes by double digits in Colorado, Puerto Rico, and Arizona. Keith now trains and coaches administrators, school leadership teams, and teacher coaches. As a trainer, he maintains a progressive philosophy and teaching style that embraces the best of constructivism and direct instruction. As a coach, he's known for telling it like it is and using a blended coaching model.

Primary Topics

Professional Learning
Articles by A. Keith
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The Fundamentals of Fast Feedback
A. Keith Young & Angela Bell Julien
5 months ago
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Guiding Adult Educators: Strategies for Impactful Training
A. Keith Young & Tamarra Osborne
4 months ago

Books by A. Keith

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Training Design, Delivery, and Diplomacy: An Educator's Guide


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