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June 24, 2021

ASCD Launches National Virtual Learning Community

ASCD, the leading association for K-12 educator professional learning, has launched a new virtual learning community.
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June 24, 2021
Chief Engagement Officer Ken Pratt, or 407-247-4958
ALEXANDRIA, VA—ASCD, the leading association for K-12 educator professional learning, has launched a new virtual learning community designed to connect more than 10,000 educators from across the country in a vibrant, collaborative online space for professional growth and exploration.
"Over the last 18 months, we have seen the power of web-based collaboration. We are excited to support educators with a virtual platform and network to create professional learning communities that match their unique needs and interests," said ASCD Executive Director and CEO Ranjit Sidhu.
Sidhu said: "This is just the beginning of a dynamic network of virtual communities created by educators for educators to meet the ever-changing needs of 21st century teaching and learning."
The ASCD Professional Learning Community will launch during the ASCD 2021 Annual Conference, a virtual event attended by 4,000 educators and partners in education. The ASCD Professional Learning Community will open with 15 learning groups focused on areas such as student-driven learning, family engagement, and advancing issues around race and equity, each supported by expert facilitators.
One early community participant said: "It was such a positive experience being able to just take time not dedicated to my school and its needs and, for a few minutes, focus on myself as a person and a professional in the company of others who are in the same place." Over the next two months, ASCD will launch additional community groups based on relevant themes and topics, including women in leadership and educational technology. "Educators are a precious resource," said ASCD Chief Impact Officer Penny Reinart. "Just as our educators are tending to the whole child in their classrooms, ASCD is committed to supporting the whole educator as they manage across the many demands they face both in- and out-side of the classroom. ASCD's Professional Learning Community is a virtual space centered around educator well-being that also provides a platform to amplify the voices of educators nationwide." Visit to learn more about and register for the ASCD Professional Learning Community.

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